The Best Paying Careers For 2014 and Beyond

growth-industriesWe focus much of our energies and time on our work life e.g. careers. So it makes a lot of sense if contemplating a switch or weighing up career options to consider careers that will be most in demand in the future. Below I have listed 4 career options worth keep an eye on for projected growth and earning capacity.


Engineering is perhaps the career path with the most potential moving forward. There are a number of engineering strains to consider, we have listed the areas of engineering with the most potential moving forward below.

  • Environmental Engineering – 22% expected growth over the next 5 years combined with higher than average earning potential.
  • Civil – Building and construction – very much in demand with high growth expected.
  • Biomedical – As our population ages the need for biomedical engineers increases.
  • Petroleum – We continually seek to improve oil extraction practices placing heavy demand on the need for qualified Petroleum Engineers.
  • Chemical Engineering – High growth area with excellent remuneration opportunities.
  • Electrical Engineering – We rely on electricity and as the population increases our requirements only increase.

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Software Developers

Most of use are aware that IT is a high growth area. Software development in particular is at the cutting edge of almost all major industries and this is only expected to continue. Growth in this areas is tipped to exceed 30% over the next 10 years according to Yahoo Finance. The reasons for this are simple, software is intrinsically linked to households (consider how much software we not have integrated into household appliances) and also the corporate world where computers and applications are not integrated into all aspects of our day to day work lives.

With such a reliance on software development the need for security to protect these assets also continues to grow. Network security for example is a high growth area with all indications that this is only set to continue.


In much the same way as we rely on computers and software our demands for electricity only grow as our population expands at such a rapid rate. As we develop more environmentally friendly ways of generating electricity such as solar power the role of the typical electrician has expended and become more in demand. On current tracking the electrical trade is expected to grow by over 20% in the next ten years representing an excellent career opportunity that is also financially rewarding.

Financial Advisers

The strain on the financial system as seen from recent events such as the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) has effected many. Such a financial burden trickles down from the top and effects families, retirees and students in particular. With so much financial strain of recent times the need for responsible and knowledgeable financial advisers increases rapidly. There are currently over 200 thousand US based financial advisers and this is set to grow at over 40% in the next decade.

There are of course any number of potential growth industries worth looking into if considering your career options. The list above represents some of the higher growth industries and we strongly advise you consider each one if unsure about your future.

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